RightMAPS! Series

Trail maps made better.  RightMAPS! Map and Guides are the right map to help plan your next adventure or for bragging about the one you just completed.

One of our 5 RightMAP! Titles

  • Each map covers a classic recreation area, and shows the difficulty, mileage, and type of trails as wells as the topography, and physical features.
  • Short trail and town descriptions, and the location of viewpoints, waterfalls, and campgrounds provide some context to the map.
  • We like to call these Guidebooks that Fit in Your Pocket.

You can follow our suggestions for classic route information gleaned from the locals or identify your own routes. These maps / guides provide useful information about local;

  •  Mtn Biking,
  • Trail Running,
  • Hiking, and
  • in some select maps paddling or horse-riding.

Each RightMAP has detailed topographic maps with recent GPS-based

If you know of good recreation area that needs to be mapped, let us know ( e-mail Amazing Maps). trail information – we make sure the information is correct, often by riding it or running it ourselves.  Gates, signage, landings, and views are identified to help you navigate.  RightMAPS have everything you need to get to the trailhead and return – all in a pack-able, water and tare-resistant map.


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