Golden Lakes (Methow South) Maps

Publication Date:  Sept 2009
News and Updates on the trails: link
Where to buy: locally or online.
What is covered:
Angels Staircase, Cooney Lakes, Horse-thief and Merchant Basins, basically everything outside the Sawthooth Mtns Wilderness Area.
Access from:
Carlton and Chelan, WA
Washington’s Golden Lakes high alpine region is rare and special in the world. Named for the dozen glacier carved lakes that are surrounded by golden larches in the fall. With trail access to 8000+ ft and views in all directions, a trip here is often considered spiritual. Just outside of the wilderness area, there is a multi-use area, with no match.
 Amazing Maps aims to show all the trails, roads, gates, and even unofficial campfire rings so you are less likely to get lost. We recommend only a fraction of the trails so your time is spent enjoying the best instead of looking for them. Every RightMAP! includes a planning map, that shows you how to get to the trailhead/campsite/town.  No need to buy a regional forest service map.
Amazing Maps’ RightMAP is the right map to use! Golden Lakes (South Methow) Trails RightMAP shows all the recommended Sawtooth Mtns trails outside the Wilderness Boundary. Complete your set with the East and West Methow Trail Maps.
Blog Entries about the region and this map
Other Details:
Folded Size: 4 x 9 inches, and it folds one more time to fit in your pocket
Unfolded Size: 9 x 24 inches
Price: 8.95$

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